Supporting Families Together


Working together to support adoptive families

Are you a family who is planning to adopt, but are needing some extra help with the financial costs of adoption? The Omnah Foundation assists Christ-centered families with interest-free loans, family support grants, and with additional fundraising resources.

Financial Assistance for Adoption

Additional Resources


Organizations Offering Adoption Support

Christian Adoption Consultants
Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)
Replanted Ministry
1 Million Home

Organizations Offering Adoption Grants

Omnah Foundation
Show Hope
Forever Home Foundation
JSC Foundation
Pure Gift of God
Connected Hearts Ministry
Beauty Amidst the Ashes

Organizations Offering Interest-Free Adoption Loans

Omnah Foundation
Pathways for Little Feet
Extend Your Tent

Organizations Offering Adoption Fundraising Assistance

Both Hands
Fund Your Adoption
35K Campaign

Organizations Offering Online Crowd-funding Platforms

Pure Charity
Adoption Bridge
Adopt Together

Organizations Offering Adoption Fundraising Store

Fund the Nations
Noonday Collection



Adoption: An Interview with Randy Alcorn
Christian Alliance for Orphans on Adoption Tax Credit
The Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser: Putting Families Together One Piece at a Time
Adoption Fundraising: Raise Money with a Custom Puzzle


Podcasts / Sermons

How to Adopt and Who Should Consider It
Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel – John Piper
Our Mission: Helping Families to Adopt a Child – Whitney and Chelsea Sewell




“Sovereign and Gentle” – David Parton
“Adopt Without Debt” – Julie Gumm

Children’s Books

A Mother for Choco – Keiko Kasza
Shaoey and Dot – Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman
Mommy’s Heart Went Pop – Christina Kyllonen, Peter Greer and Jeff Brown


Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family – Paul David Tripp
Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus – Elyse Fitzpatrick
Preparing Children for Marriage – Joshua Mulvihill