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Committed to sharing the financial burdens associated with domestic and international adoptions, the Omnah Foundation offers interest-free loans and grants to Christian adoptive families who need additional support. We provide resources, encouragement, and prayer support for families throughout their adoption journey. Because our operation costs are covered by other means, 100% of what is given by donors is directly applied toward the adoption expenses of Christ-centered families. Adoption loans and grants through the Omnah Foundation bridge the financial gap and enable adoptive families to complete the process and welcome children into their loving homes.

For Donors:

The Hebrew word אָמְנָה (“Omnah”) found in Esther 2:20 can be translated to mean “brought up, rearing, training, providing for”. Its related verb occurs nine times in the Hebrew Bible with similar meaning. We come alongside families to help them welcome children who need a family into homes where they will be brought up in the faith, reared and trained in righteousness, and provided for spiritually, emotionally and physically. Our desire is that each child will experience the deep love of Jesus for them through salvation, and we partner with families who have this same heart.

Yes! Because all operation costs are covered by sponsoring partners and businesses, every penny of each donor’s gift is leveraged to make a difference for children and their adopting parents. All donations are placed into the Adoption Support Fund, and all monies are deployed directly to an agency, attorney or other adoption-related organization on behalf of the adopting family.

Since we work directly with families and their agencies, we are able to help children no matter their age, situation, or where they are in the world.  Whether the child is currently an infant needing a family, in an orphanage, or in the foster care system, we can work alongside families to help bring them into loving homes.

Everyone is encouraged to be on our community email list. This way, you can always be up to date with what is happening through the Omnah Foundation. Donors receive updates through email and postal mail of how their specific gifts were employed to help children and adoptive families.

Yes! Because Omnah Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 (#85-3825948) and because all funds received are used toward the mission of the Foundation, your donations are tax-deductible as much as is allowable by law. We will send you a tax receipt in January that details all of your donations from the previous year for you to keep with your tax records.

We are so excited that you are asking this question and we are thrilled to have you as part of our community! First, we ask that you would be praying for us and this ministry. We ask everyone to be helping to encourage others to partner with us as advocates (talking to others, sharing social media posts, actively participating in events, etc) and as donors when possible. Also, we recommend that you join our email list if you haven’t already. Donors receive additional updates through email and postal mail of how their specific gifts were employed to help children reach their forever families.

Absolutely! Thank you for asking this question, and thank you for your desire to serve children in need of a forever family! Depending on the amount that you are able to raise, your fundraiser will be linked to one or more specific grants or loans. Once we connect your donation to a specific Christian adoptive family, we will send you information from the family (or families) that your efforts helped so that you can communicate the impact of your efforts back to your fundraising community who made it possible! If you communicate with us your desire to help with fundraising, we can set up a dedicated online donation form in which people can give directly toward your project online. Omnah Foundation will cover any transaction fees associated with the online donations so that 100% of all donations can go directly to the families we serve.

The donor portal is a wonderfully simple way for you to manage all aspects of your giving, such as managing payment methods, giving gifts, updating contact information, or making updates and edits to your recurring gift schedule. The donor portal is also an easy way to view all of your gift and donation history with Omnah Foundation. You can access the portal here.

Sustaining donors serve as the financial backbone of the Adoption Fund. A sustaining donor is someone who has made repeated donations or has committed to regularly occurring donations such as monthly gifts. Setting up automatic regular gifts is a simple process, and can be done either by using the donor portal or by clicking the “Recurring Gift” checkbox at the bottom of the donation form when making a donation through the website.

For Families:

The Paid-Forward Grant model accentuates the fact that any available loan and grant monies have been paid-forward by other families and individuals. All situations are unique, but we ask all ​the families​ we partner with to ​prayerfully and seriously consider taking an active part however they can in paying forward to other ​Christian families like their​s. For example: 1.) by consistently encouraging the people in their spheres to join with us and give to support Christian adoptive families; ​2.) ​and by becoming an active ​donor and giving to other adoptive families through Omnah as they can when their financial situation stabilizes.

If a family with a Tier 1 or Tier 2 application is selected, they are offered a donation landing page in which all bank transaction fees are fully covered either by Omnah or by the donor if they choose to do so. The Omnah Board can decide to release funds collected through the landing page as a Family Support Grant.

  1. Christian, two-parent home
  2. At least one of the applicants must be a U.S. Citizen
  3. The applying family must have a completed and current home study for Tier 2 application
  4. There must be a true need for financial assistance
  5. One application per adoption
  6. Agreement with the Omnah Foundation application terms
  7. Agreement with the Omnah Foundation statement of faith

All awarded loan and grant funds are held in the Foundation’s care until expenses are incurred by the awarded family. Funds are then sent to the agency, attorney, or other organization directly related to your adoption.

Yes, families may submit one application per adoption. If you have been awarded financial assistance and then suffer a disrupted adoption, the awarded financial assistance can be applied toward your next placement as long as the agreement period has not expired.

Yes! Because the Omnah Foundation and Both Hands are partnering organizations, pairing a matching grant from the Omnah Foundation with a Both Hands project can make both the grant and the project more effective in reaching your fundraising goals!

Yes! Approved families can use the Omnah Foundation platform to collect online donations toward their adoption expenses, and the Foundation will cover the transaction costs! Monies collected by the Omnah Foundation using your family-specific link are tagged to your family. Fundraised money is held in the care of the foundation until remitted to an agency, attorney, or other organization directly related to your adoption. Please note this disclaimer related to non-profit fundraising.

The process begins when an applying couple submits an online application. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and families may be asked to meet with members of the Omnah Foundation team using an online video platform as part of the evaluation process. From submission to notice you should plan 6-8 weeks.

All components of each application are reviewed through prayer and by seeking the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is to share the love of Jesus in helping children reach their forever families. We want to see children placed into forever families where they will experience the love of Jesus–particularly as displayed and experienced through the gospel. Our ultimate prayer and desire is that the children we help to place come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and that they will thereby experience adoption into God’s family (Rom. 8:15).

Our application process is designed to help us assess the applicant’s heart for adoption, the spiritual wellness of the adoptive family, the parent’s commitment to biblical discipleship, and the overall environment into which the child will be placed. In short, we are looking to partner with families who share the same heart as is expressed in our mission. Due to the overwhelming need for adoption financial assistance, the Foundation cannot guarantee all requests will be funded. All financial assistance is awarded at the sole discretion of the Omnah Foundation Board. Omnah Foundation does not share its reasons for denying assistance to any particular family.

Information, Insights and Resources

View our resources page for stories from our families as well as facts, tips and tools for adopting. We are here to be a supportive guide for families in their adoption journey, if you can’t find an answer on our website, we’d love to hear from you!