Waiting With Peace

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When we started the adoption process almost 3 years ago, we were unprepared for the journey ahead of us. We researched what we could on adoption and we prepared with classes and prayed for guidance. Although we thought we knew how the process worked, we soon found that the journey would differ significantly from our expectations.

One of the things we found the most difficult in our adoption journey was the waiting. Throughout the entire process, we encountered many different periods of waiting. After completing the home study, we spent six months waiting and praying about direction on whether we should use an agency, consultant, attorney, or even social media. We heard from the Lord to “wait”, so we did. We waited and prayed that God would show us the right direction.

We felt like we finally heard from the Lord on where to go next, but when we got there, we soon realized it was just another season of waiting. Waiting for paperwork, waiting for cases, waiting to hear “yes” or “no”, waiting to hear why, waiting on the next case. Waiting a month, waiting 6 months, waiting a year, waiting two years. The waiting period is very difficult. It’s very tempting to get in a hurry and change courses even if it’s not where you feel like God is leading. It can be a lonely journey some days and often feels like the people around you don’t understand the rollercoaster of emotions that can accompany the wait. 

There were times when we felt like the waiting was too much to bear and we ended up making some mistakes in our adoption journey. Because of our impatience and attempts to quicken the process, we experienced not only heartache but also the loss of funds. Sometimes the adoption journey doesn’t seem clear, but God always leads you if you are willing to listen. He gives you the gut feeling that will tell you “yes” or “no”. He will give you peace when it’s okay to move forward and will guide you along the entire journey if you let Him. He protected us more times than I can count. When we were desperate and didn’t listen to that still small voice, He protected us.

He loves us and wants to fulfill the desires of our heart and His timing is never late. In some of the darkest days of our adoption journey, the Lord blessed us with community and friends who were also in the adoption process. He gave us hope when we were feeling hopeless and brought us through even when we took a detour. He blessed us beyond measure and He will do the same for you. 

Pray for guidance and peace during the wait. The wait can prepare you for the many blessings God has in store. 


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