Loan Repayment

Supporting Other Families

All resources given to and stewarded by the Omnah Foundation were given by other adoptive families and individuals for Kingdom purposes. We view ourselves as the steward of these resources. Your loan fund replenishment payments will be used to help other adopting families bring home children who need a family. Loan payments should begin within 120 days of the issuance of loan funds from Omnah Foundation to the agency or attorney on the family’s behalf. It is ideal for these funds to be returned in a timely manner. As a guideline, you should aim to have the full amount of borrowed funds returned by the end of 48 months.

Please set up your recurring payments via bank transaction.  It is generally not good practice to pay off debt with more debt.  Also, the transaction cost of $.99 per bank account transaction is much cheaper than credit card company percentages which are typically about 3% of the total transaction.  You can access a full history of your transactions as well as make additional payments, and update payment information using the donor portal.

Loan Repayment Form