The Braaten Family

Help a family during a challenging season

Meet the Braaten family – a remarkable family of ten comprised of four children who were born biologically into the family and four who came into the family through the gift of adoption. Shauna and Adam, the caring parents, have dedicated their lives to being a blessing to others. Now, they find themselves facing unforeseen challenges and are in need of the same blessings they have bestowed upon countless others.

Their 12 year old daughter came into their family through adoption and is currently battling a severe mental health crisis. The family is doing their best to provide her with the specialized care and treatment she urgently needs. They have found a Christian facility specifically tailored to her diagnosis, but it is not state-run and located far from home (flights needed), requiring monthly expenses of $4,000 (12+ months), plus an additional $4,000 for registration. Their hope and prayer are to give their daughter the best chance at healing and recovery.

Facing more than $50,000 of related expenses beginning now

As if this were not enough, recently, Shauna was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, a diagnosis that has profoundly impacted their lives. She underwent a brave double mastectomy, displaying incredible strength and resilience. However, her journey is far from over, as she will require another surgery and continued treatments. The weight of these medical expenses, alongside the emotional toll, adds to the burdens the Braaten’s carry.

We invite you to join us in supporting the Braaten’s during this challenging time. Your generous contributions will not only alleviate the financial burden of medical bills and treatment costs but also provide much-needed emotional support. Together, let us rally around this remarkable family, helping them navigate these turbulent waters with love and compassion. By blessing the Braaten’s, we can be part of their journey towards healing and hope. Every little bit counts, and your support will make a world of difference. Thank you for standing by this family in their time of need.

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The Braatens need your help so that their daughter can get the care she needs.

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